Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Surface Tension Experiment--Swirled Milk

We added one drop of each color of food coloring.

We added another drop of each color and a little more soap.

Hannah's Green Slime

We tripled this recipe. The bowl on the left has the water and borax. The measuring cup on the right has the water, food coloring, and glue.
Hannah is pouring the borax mixture into the glue mixture.

Instantly it became slime.....

Kinda gross looking, huh?

It feels pretty neat. Here it is stored away in a baggie.

This feels a little bit gritty compared to store-bought. We think it would probably get thicker and thicker if you continually handle and stretch it. Without the baggie (air-tight container) we think it would dry out.

Hannah's Sloppy Slime

We made sloppy slime today. It feels really cool. It's slimy and then it's hard. When you squeeze it the slime turns to a solid, but as soon as you let go it's a liquid again.

Hannah's Rocket Cola

We tried 3 different colas for this experiment:

Diet Cola

Orange Cola


The diet coke was by far the most volatile of the 3. It rocketed out of the bottle to about 31" with only one mento.

The Orange only rocketed about 3" with 2 mentos.

The Twist Up only rocketed about 1 1/2" with 3 mentos.

What fun! We will have to try this again when Daddy and Dakota are home to see it!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Evva and Tallulah making their awesome lava lamps. Fun time for the whole family!!