Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some of Song's Rock Collection

This is a "Rhode' onit

    These are a few of Song's rocks from her collection. The first it called a "Rhode"onite. The second is an ice quarts, since we were talking about hardness, and the quarts are very hard. The third is a rose quarts, and there are tons of different types of quarts, by the way. The fourth is a hematite, since we were talking about streak marks, I read that it's streak mark is supposed to be red-ish, but since mine is polished, it has sealed it all together, so it won't drop anything to leave a streak mark. The last one, that's one of my favorite one; a tiger's eye; it's called a tiger's eye because if you look closely, there are sort of golden and black stripes, like in a tiger's eye.
This is a ice quarts


This is the Hematite, this picture is also a little dark, but it looks like a lot like iron

This is a tiger's eye, can you see the stripes? A real tiger's eye looks a lot like this, with very similar stripes

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